6 of the most common mistakes made when doing laundry

Each time we do our laundry, all we want is for our clothes to come out clean and smelling fresh. And of course, things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes at the end of the cycle we notice that there is a bad smell permeating through our newly washed clothes. Usually the source of the problem is a mistake we made without even knowing it, so here we will discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when doing the laundry.

most common mistakes

1. Not cleaning the washing machine

Without routine maintenance and cleaning, the washing machine will eventually stop operating correctly. The washing machine, in fact, requires frequent cleaning, otherwise dirt, bacteria, and germs will accumulate inside. Cleaning the basket and gaskets also helps prevent the retention of humidity, which causes mold and bad smells.

2. Overloading

You may not realize it, but overloading the washing machine greatly decreases the machine’s efficiency. When the washing machine is overloaded, your loads will require longer drying times while the quality of the wash is also compromised. 

3.  Using too much fabric softener

Adding a little bit of fabric softener can produce a lovely effect of soft, fragrant laundry, but it is crucial not to go overboard. In fact, frequent and excessive use of fabric softener can actually cause unpleasant smells, as opposed to getting rid of them.

If you want to be on safe side, you can instead use white wine vinegar, due to its disinfecting and deodorizing properties. Also, essential oils are always a viable option. Just dilute your preferred oil with a little bit of water, and then add the solution to your next load.

4. Using too much detergent


Thinking that more is better when it comes adding detergent is a bad idea, and it is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to laundry. In fact, too much detergent will cause an excessive buildup of foam, which end up trapping dirt and causing foul odors.

5. Lack of ventilation

When drying your laundry, the lack of proper ventilation will result in increased humidity. Ideally, you should allow a room to air out for about 15 minutes before you hang your clothes to dry.

And if you own a dryer, try not to overload it. Again, you want to leave enough open space between articles of clothes so that the fabric can breathe and not retain those bad smells.

6. Drying laundry in a damp room

Similar to the previous example, you want the air to be as fresh as possible while your clothes are drying. You may want to consider using a humidifier while your clothes dry to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the room. In the very least, you should open a window to help with potential odor-causing problems.

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