4 essential items for maintaining a clean bathroom

The bathroom, despite its utility, creates the perfect environment for the build-up of bacteria and dirt, particularly limescale. As a consequence, it seems like cleaning is a job that will never end. And the more time we wait to carry out the task, the more the problem just becomes worse. However, in this article, we are going discuss some ways that will make cleaning the bathroom a lot easier and will save time in the long run.

Achieving a clean and sanitary bathroom

As mentioned previously, the products that will be discussed for cleaning the bathroom will be natural and non-invasive. We are, of course, going to avoid anything that is composed of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health. Unfortunately, supermarkets are filled with these dangerous products, but luckily there are alternatives that we can take advantage of that can even save us a little money as well.

bathroom and brush

Additionally, the products that we use will all be created in the home. This way there won’t be any mystery as to what kind of elements we are dealing with. The ingredients that we will be discussing are most likely already laying around the house, in the pantry for example. A lot of the items we use in the kitchen every day are also composed of natural disinfecting substances.

cleaning supplies

So here is the list of things to find in your home:

  • White wine vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • A brush

To get started with our bathroom cleaning project, we will need to apply some vinegar and baking soda to the surfaces showing dirt. Let the areas sit for at least 30 minutes before giving them a good scrub with your brush. Now just rinse away the residual with some water.

Now, not all stains are created equally. For those areas that are going to be a little more stubborn, we will resort to using hydrogen peroxide. The nice thing about this product is that we don’t need to wait half an hour, 15 minutes should be more than enough time. Like before, follow up by scrubbing the areas thoroughly and rinse. If you don’t get the results you originally expected, you can safely repeat the process until your bathroom is looking like new again.

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