2 unexpected items that can help you grow lush plants

A properly maintained collection of plants can be the difference between a nice home and a captivating home. There are plants that are great at adding to the aesthetic value of the home and there are others that also provide a lovely scent to the air. Whether you keep your plants inside or on the balcony, they always make the home feel welcoming, and for this reason we want to keep our plants as healthy as possible.

How to Make Plants Thrive

Let’s start with some basics. During the wintertime, it is best to do a little research on your plants to see if they can withstand cold temperatures. This will help you figure out which plants will need to be brought inside during that time. For example, a little fun fact about the viola is that it can tolerate temperatures as low as 28 degrees Celsius below zero. And if you can’t figure out the right information, there is always the option of referring to your local nursery for the right advice.

snowy plants

Now, if you begin to notice that some of your plants are beginning to wither or some flowers are showing an unhealthy yellow color, then something definitely needs to be done. And there are a couple of products that can come to the rescue in this situation. Coffee grounds, for example, have a high nitrogen content. So if you add some used coffee grounds to the soil, your plants should be coming back around in no time.

Another option that should be sitting in the kitchen at any given moment is confectioner sugar. In this case, all you have to do is add some of the sugar to each plant’s pot and water like you normally would. As the plant continues to grow, however, you should see that it continues to improve in terms of beauty and strength.

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