With These Tricks Your Leather Shoes Will be Like New Again

Leather shoes are essential footwear in the wardrobe. Ideal in every season, they allow your feet to breathe and prevent the formation of bad odors. Given the material and use, it is necessary to treat them with the right care and attention. You can use natural products to nourish your skin and make it last long.

How to nourish and care for leather shoes with natural products

How to remove stains, polish and nourish leather shoes using natural remedies

When leather shoes get dry, they may harden and show damage. To avoid this, you can use olive oil, which nourishes, softens, and adds shine. Fill a small glass with olive oil and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your shoes and rub it with a clean cloth.

Combining lemon juice with olive oil not only aids in removing tough stains but also enhances the color of leather shoes. Furthermore, the whitening properties help lighten dark spots caused by dirt and dust.

a person is pouring an essential oil in a small bowl

Milk is very useful in restoring shine to shoes. To polish, pour it directly onto a cotton ball and rub. If you also want a cleaning effect, dilute it with water and rub it over the entire surface to be cleaned.

To clean leather shoes, you can use castor oil, an unusual but effective ingredient. It not only nourishes and hydrates the leather but also adds shine and flexibility. Pour it onto a sponge and rub it onto your shoes for a renewed and polished look.

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In addition to cleaning, you must remove stains from your shoes; various ingredients can be effective. For example, white vinegar works well for rain stains, while cornstarch is ideal for oily stains. An eraser is specially designed to remove streaks or marks on light-colored leather.

Marseille soap is another excellent option for cleaning and preserving the appearance of leather shoes. To use it, dissolve 30 grams of soap in a liter of water and rub it on your shoes with a sponge.

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