Flawless Car Windshield: All You Need is Shaving Cream

To have optimal visibility, a good driver has the duty to keep the car’s windshield in optimal condition. While numerous commercial products are available on the market, you can also achieve great results with a DIY remedy.

a person is cleaning the dashboard of the car

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much we advocate for alternative, cost-effective solutions. Many families find saving is a necessity, especially in the face of current inflation. Although some timid signs of recovery are beginning to be seen, the road remains long.

You can restore your car windshield to perfect condition using simple shaving foam. However, success relies on implementing good practices, which we’re happy to share with you now. Follow the instructions to the letter and witness the “magic”!

some drops of water are on the windshield of the car

To bring your car windshield back to impeccable condition, you only need shaving foam: how to use it correctly.

Shaving foam, commonly found among bathroom essentials for men, possesses surprising qualities, as we’ll now see. Spray a generous amount on your car windshield—don’t hesitate to use plenty, as the more you use, the more satisfying the final result will be. Use a microfiber cloth to spread the foam across the entire surface, including the remote corners.

a clean windshield of the car

Allow a few minutes for the foam to take effect, penetrating every part. Afterward, remove the foam from your car’s windshield using another clean, dry microfiber cloth. Perform circular movements to effectively eliminate dirt, and exert a bit more force on stubborn spots. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent the annoying streaks.

The method we have just suggested naturally serves as an emergency solution to be used in case you do not have specific products at home.

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