Utilities bills going through the roof – tinfoil can help you save money

With the cold weather returning, Italians are going to be spending 30% more on electricity and 15% more on gas as utility bills continue to rise. So why not try to combat these higher prices with this tinfoil technique?

How to save yourself from exorbitant utility prices

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We all know that there are some expenses that are unavoidable, and we all have to consume energy to some degree. These means of consumption can include the refrigerator, the washing machine, the oven, and other appliances. And the same goes for gas, if you don’t have access to a fireplace, you are most likely going to consume some amount of gas to heat your home. But how exactly can you keep the damage to your wallet under control? There are some tricks, and in this article we will explain how they work.

The guide to saving money

Before doing anything, though, for safety you should make sure that the entire utility system in your home is clean, free of debris, and up to code. Also, make sure that all your walls and roof are completely insulated, this way any heat from inside the house doesn’t escape through the doors and windows. The inside temperature should be around 22°C (which prevents humidity), and at night every shutter should be properly closed. Radiators should be turned on during the late afternoon and shut off after sundown. Putting clothes on the radiator to dry is a bad idea, as this prevents heat from spreading around your house.


Finally, the main highlight of this article, place a few layers of tinfoil between the radiator and the wall. This will further prevent heat from escaping to the outside. This is an inexpensive technique that anyone can do, and it does in fact make a difference when the bills show up.

Other ways to reduce your bills

  • If possible, choose the resident rate when signing a contract with the utility company
  • Pay attention to the energy class of the appliances your buy
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Always turn off appliances when not using them, and don’t leave them on standby
  • Reduce cooking times to save on gas consumption
  • Pay attention to your utility accounts, there may be some discounts that are being offered

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