Useful Tips for Using the Toilet Paper Tube

Today, we’ll explore the unique uses of the toilet paper tube and why you should think twice before tossing it in the trash. We often overlook the potential of certain items, containers, or components, assuming they should be discarded. However, with a bit of imagination, you realize how useful they can be for carrying out very mundane household tasks. Today’s case is the humble toilet paper tube, seemingly unimportant and useless. You will be surprised to discover its usefulness!

The thousand uses of the toilet paper tube

When it comes to household chores, one of the first tasks is vacuuming the dust. It sounds simple, but as we all know, dust can be a sneaky guest that tends to accumulate in the most hard-to-reach spots. Well, all you need to do is attach the tube to the end of your vacuum cleaner, tie it with some adhesive tape, and shape the other end into whatever shape or size you need to reach those pesky and hard-to-reach places.

Another common annoyance is finding clothes on hangers with creases caused by the narrow bars of the hangers. To tackle this issue, simply slide a few toilet paper rolls onto the hanger hook. As the roll moves along the hanger, it will increase its width, preventing those annoying creases.

Lots of imaginative ways to create with the toilet paper tube

A convenient application for toilet paper tubes is using them to organize and store cables, preventing them from becoming tangled. Simply pass the cables through the tubes to keep them neatly arranged. Let’s move on to hair accessories. You can employ a toilet paper roll to organize hairpins by placing them on the outside of the tube, while hairpins can be inserted into the top edge of the tube, keeping them nicely organized. If you’re into DIY, consider covering the toilet paper tube with colored paper and using it as a desk container where you can place pens, pencils, and highlighters.

For those who have children, the tubes can be a handy solution for storing miniature cars and preventing them from getting lost around the house. Just stack several toilet paper tubes, glue them together, and create a convenient organizer.

folded paper in the tube

If you love watching birds visit your balconies and windows, you can transform a paper tube into a simple bird feeder. All you need to do is cover it with double-sided tape and sprinkle birdseed to attract feathered visitors. Perhaps a more usual use is to roll yarns around the tube to prevent them from tangling and to always have them tidy within reach.

you can transform a paper tube into a simple bird feeder.

More great ideas

The gift card as we know, once we have unrolled it and wrapped the gift, we have no way to close it again. This is where the tube comes to the rescue, as it can be used to insert the paper and act as a stop, keeping the gift card in place.

Gardeners who love to sow their seedlings understand that seeds cannot always be immediately exposed to the outdoor environment. So we can use the toilet paper tube to plant our seed and give it the right time to adapt.

we can use the toilet paper tube to plant our seed

We can use it to organize scarves, insert them into the tube, or even cut the tube and use it as an alternative gift package.

To add versatility, you can fill the tube with dryer lint and use it to start a fire. You can also cut it into circles for napkin holders, as envelope seals, or even as a stamp by shaping the roll into a heart and putting color on edge. Another fun DIY idea is to create cat toys by cutting the tubes into circles and wrapping some around each other to form a ball that can entertain your feline friends.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to using a toilet paper tube, but you will have understood that by using your imagination, it can be useful for many things, so let’s start recycling it.

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