Take Your Mosquito Coil to the Next Level

It’s one thing to observe insects crawling around while out in nature, but when they appear in the home, it is a completely different experience. Unwanted pests not only compromise the cleanliness of the home but can also lead to anxiety and affect your quality of life. Now, using a mosquito coil is naturally great for keeping, you guessed it, mosquitos away, but you can also use a little trick to turn it into a repellent for all kinds of insects as well. And in this article, we going to explain how to do just that.

green mosquito coil

Making the most of your mosquito candle

In terms of keeping insects out of the home, it is important to cover all your bases. This is because there is a variety of insects that can turn the interior of the house into a nightmare. The more typical culprits, though, are ants, mosquitos, and cockroaches. Mosquitos can become quite a problem, especially during the summer months, and it is more than likely that you already have a mosquito coil laying around the house to keep them away. And through a couple of steps, using just a couple of items that you already probably have in the house, we can make a mosquito coil do more than just keep mosquitos away. And if you don’t already have a mosquito coil at home, they can easily be found at the local store at a reasonable price.

window sill

The Upgrading Process

Begin by taking your coil and breaking it up into pieces that are about one to two centimeters long. Next, place the pieces into a small bowl and fill them up with 70% rubbing alcohol. Then we will need to add the juice from one lemon. Now, let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes.

lemon in water

After enough time has passed, our insect repellant is ready to do its job. All we have to do is take the bowl and place it where insects are able to enter the house. Of course, there may be several entry points, and in this case, we will naturally have to divide the repellent into multiple containers. Once you have positioned all of your repellant containers, you can relax and enjoy the fact that your home is safe from mosquitoes and most types of other creepy insects.

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