Put This Bag of Salt in the Closet, You Will Solve One of the Biggest Problems

Salt, thanks to its antiseptic properties, can serve as an excellent cleaner. A surprising use is to place small bags of salt in your closet or cabinet.

Salt in the cupboard: why it is an excellent remedy

Salt in the closet allows you to cope with a particular discomfort

Unpleasant damp odors often tend to linger in places like closets and cabinets, causing considerable discomfort. The irritating “fragrance” emanating from these spaces can be tormenting. In such situations, one may wonder about effective measures to address and eliminate these unwanted odors.

If you’ve been dealing with this discomfort for a while and have tried various market-bought items without finding a permanent fix, you might be searching for a truly effective solution. If that’s the case, you’ve likely landed on this page in pursuit of a more reliable remedy.

The consumerist society we live in almost prevents us from evaluating do-it-yourself options, and that’s a real shame. Grandmother’s remedies, cherished over time, often prove to be the most effective. It’s simply a matter of placing the right trust and giving them the time to act and produce the desired effects. Sometimes, simple and traditional solutions can outshine commercial alternatives.

salt is placed on a cloth and some in a spoon

Although regular cleaning and ventilation help limit the problem, we must remember the importance of adopting good practices to prevent the annoying common odors we told you about earlier. And this is where the deodorizing power of salt comes into play.

To benefit from it, you just have to follow these small and simple steps. Fill fabric pockets or small sachets with coarse salt and place them in various corners of your wardrobe or closet. The unpleasant odors will dissipate, and the salt will absorb excess humidity, creating a fresher and more pleasant storage space.

To enhance the effectiveness, add a few drops of essential oil to your favorite perfume when placing it in the wardrobe. If we were you, we would opt for lavender or citrus fruits. This not only eliminates musty odors (known to be harmful to health) from the wardrobe but also imparts a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

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