The lesser-known uses of mouthwash

Yes, it’s right there in the name, mouthwash is great for cleaning our teeth and giving us fresh breath. But many people don’t realize that this product can be used for things unrelated to oral health care, and in this article, we are going to see what these applications are. You may never look at mouthwash the same again!

1. Bathroom deodorizer

We are always looking for ways to get the bathroom free of dirt and foul-smelling odors. And when it comes to getting the bathroom smelling fresh again, mouthwash can come in really handy. The method is simple, pour about a cup of mouthwash into the toilet and let it sit for about half an hour. The mouthwash is great at breaking down the bacteria that causes bad smells and emits a fresh, minty smell into the air.

2. Multi-purpose cleaner

mouthwash and cap

The disinfecting and anti-bacterial properties of mouthwash can come into play when it comes to various items found in the home. It is effective in cleaning various types of surfaces. Just soak some cotton balls with some mouthwash and you can apply it to the computer, television, keyboard, and any other surface that continually comes into contact with bacteria.

3. Toothbrush sanitizer

toothbrush and arrow

Your toothbrush will not last forever, and it tends to age quite quickly. On average, it should be replaced every couple of months, but you can get more life out of your toothbrush by using some mouthwash. Pour some mouthwash into a shot glass or a similar-sized container and leave the bristles of the toothbrush immersed overnight. Repeat the process every couple of days and you will notice that you can wait a little longer to go buy a new toothbrush.

4. Smelly feet

Lastly, when our feet are affected by bacteria and dead cells, causing an unpleasant smell, mouthwash can take care of the problem. Just fill a large container with hot water and add in a couple of capfuls of mouthwash. Let your feet soak in the solution for half an hour before rinsing them off.

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