How to use milk after its expiration date

Milk is great when it comes to its many uses in the kitchen and its content of vitamin D, but it does not come with a very long shelf life. However, if you find that the milk in your fridge is about to expire, there is no need to give up on it and just throw it away. And here is where we will discuss how it can still be of service.

Just because the expiration date of your milk has already passed doesn’t mean that the liquid has become completely useless. It can still be helpful when it comes to cleaning and even acting as a fertilizer for your plants.

Stains, for example, can easily be treated with old milk. All you need to do is combine the milk with a little water and soak the stained surface with the mixture. Let it sit overnight and the next day the stain should come out with ease. You can also boil the same mixture and add a little lemon to it to create polish for your discolored silverware.

Another recycling tip for old milk is adding it to bath water. This will help provide the skin with nutrients and extra hydration. Your next bath won’t just leave you clean but also with skin that looks and feels great.

If you want to try out an ancient trade that is still common today, then you could use the old milk to make your own cheese. Some of the more common cheese types that require spoiled milk are feta, cottage cheese, and other various soft cheeses. There is also the option of making bread. By using milk instead of water, your bread will turn out thicker and softer in texture than it normally would.


lady and bath

There are also a few ways to give old milk new life. For example, pour the old milk into a pot and let it simmer on the stove. Once the amount of milk has been reduced by half, you will be left with perfectly good, condensed milk. For an even longer-lasting product, place the milk in the oven and set it at a low temperature. After all the moisture has evaporated, grind the leftover until you have powdered milk. Now the old milk can be stored for later use despite what the expiration date says. Always remember to store repurposed milk in the refrigerator to avoid the formation of bacteria.

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