How to Fix Broken Zipper with Seamstresses Favorite Method

It can happen to anyone who wears any type of garment and realizes their zipper is broken. But how can the problem be solved? Today, we want to reveal the trick used by seamstresses that requires neither needle nor thread.

Does your favorite dress have a broken zipper? Here's how you can fix it with the straw method

Removing a jammed zipper isn’t as simple as it might appear. It’s a procedure that demands time and manual skill. Equally important is the process of correctly reinserting it to prevent damage and maintain its functionality. So, let’s discover the trick that will make everything easier.

Straw trick to repair the zipper

To repair a broken zipper using the seamstress’s trick, you’ll need a common straw, scissors, hot glue, and pliers. In just a few simple steps, you can fix your zipper. Here is the procedure to follow:

a person is holding some colorful straws in his hand

First, you will have to cut a small piece of straw approximately the same length as the broken part of the zipper. Cut it lengthwise. Then, attach this piece to the damaged area of the zipper using hot glue or regular adhesive tape. At this point, to make the zipper stick as well as possible, tighten it with pliers, applying firm pressure.

And there you have it! By following these straightforward steps, your zipper will function smoothly once more and no longer get stuck. However, in some cases, a more significant issue, such as misaligned teeth on the zipper, may be at hand. In this case, delicately straighten them one by one using pliers or even a nutcracker.

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