DIY Anti-mosquito Tags, the Egg Carton Trick

“Oh, I wish this summer would never end!” Who knows how many times you’ve said that to yourself; it’s like this for everyone. It’s a common sentiment when we all want to relish outdoor days. However, a little issue arises: mosquitoes. Despite their size, mosquitoes can be quite bothersome, especially during those nights when you struggle to sleep a wink. The heat alone makes it hard to rest, and having those pesky insects around doesn’t help either.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away with DIY Repellent

A home repellent made with the egg carton to keep mosquitoes away

One upside, thank goodness, is that applying repellent is easy. You only need a few ingredients, which I’ll share with you. But you might wonder, with all the ready-made products available, why don’t I tell you to go and buy them? Well, for starters, in the current period, where inflation continues to make its effects felt. In addition, the compounds prepared by the companies invariably contain chemical ingredients. Therefore, to solve one problem, you would create another, even worse one, as “chemical” often means harmful.

The do-it-yourself remedy, on the other hand, is preferred because it is ecological and accessible. Start by getting:

  • a pencil;
  • a ruler;
  • scissors and stapler;
  • a cardboard egg box;
  • mosquito repellent essential oils.
make this DIY repellent to keep mosquitoes away

Take an old plate and trace the outlines with a pencil on the egg carton. A ruler will allow you to be more precise. Make sure to create shapes that match the original. Two layers should be enough.

Now, let’s move on to the second phase. Put the cardboard pieces into a scent diffuser. Add two or three drops of essential oil like lavender, tea tree, citronella, or geranium. Place the cardboard plates inside the diffuser and use them when needed. While for us, they constitute a very pleasant fragrance, the mosquitoes will be annoyed by them and will, therefore, stay away. You should start noticing the effects within an hour.

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