6 Clever Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills in Half

Are you lamenting the end of each month because of the inevitable electricity bill? You should know that there is something you can do about it. Now, giving up electricity cold turkey may not be a viable option, but there are some bad habits that may be more reasonable to get rid of. And by doing this, you are not just saving money, but you are also doing a favor for the environment. Here we are going to explain 6 ways to cut your energy bills in half and reduce overall waste. After adopting these techniques, you’ll wish you started, or gave up, these habits a lot sooner!


1. Energy-efficient light bulbs

LED light bulbs have the combined benefits of long life and reduced energy consumption, making them preferable to traditional light bulbs. In addition, LED bulbs have an adjustable intensity, giving you the option to use as little light as you like.

2. Put your washing machine and dishwasher on ”eco” mode

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If you own even a relatively new washing machine or dishwasher, chances are they have an ”eco” option. This mode was created to save on energy costs. By using this setting, the cycle will take a little longer, but the trade-off is saving on water and electricity.

3. Give up the dryer

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It goes without saying that the dryer is an appliance that saves us vast amounts of time and labor. However, giving up this luxury can significantly reduce your energy bill. If you can at least limit your dryer use to emergency situations, you can save some money while also extending the life of your dryer by not wearing it out.

4. Make ”full” use of your appliances

As we previously stated, we want to discuss habits. And one common bad habit is starting up the dishwasher when its only half full. This can obviously be convenient in the short term, but it ends up increasing the number of cycles you run, resulting in a senseless waste of water and electricity. So try to only run loads when the appliance is completely full. This applies to the washing machine as well.

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5. Cook with your pots covered

Just the simple act of covering your pot while cooking can save on energy. To put it simply, your food will cook faster, and as a result you will use the burner for a shorter length of time, resulting in a lower gas bill.

6. Remember to unplug gaming consoles

Be aware that even when are done using your console, it is still consuming energy while it remains plugged in. So try to make it a habit to unplug your device, and you will see your energy bill go down.

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